Ode to Map My Run

Seriously. Where was I in my workouts without you?

Depending solely on my cars odometer to tell me how long my walks were.. and winging it when they went through undrivable conditions. Guessing at how many calories I burned and so taking chances with the foods I was putting in. Time and Time again I said to myself “Well, I did Zumba for the whole workout.. I can have that *insert sweets here*.”

You log more than running: my walks, bike rides, swimming, and all my other routines. Where else also counts my calories burned by cleaning or a good ol’ romp with DH? Thank you for rocking my socks!

Food journaling is way easier too! I enter it in and you do the breakdowns for me- how many calories I have eaten, how many I have left in my budget, my proteins, carbs, and fiber all accounted for. How can it get any better?

Thanks for being awesome and user friendly. Keep up the good work!


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