Fat Pants

Have you ever had that pair of pants that makes you think “Well as long as I don’t fill these out I will be ok?” For the past 6 summers I have had these shorts that I always think this with. I got them back in the summer of 2007 right before I was headed out to VA for college.  They were size a size 17 JR. I was on a budget, they were on sale, and though they never fit well (always too big) I thought it would be worth the 5 bucks. I mean I had belts to wear.

For the past 6 summers I have worn these shorts that were far too big and thought nothing of it. Then this spring I tried them on and was appalled. They barely zipped! I felt like a stuffed sausage. I remember bawling my eyes out in my walk in closet. What had I allowed to happen to myself? That was 4 weeks ago. I am now proud to show you my months work


I may not have lost all the weight I plan to but this is a big baby step! I am now fitting into the clothes that had become so tight. My fat pants are no longer my ‘too small’ pants. They have once again returned to their proper place in my closet. As I wore them yesterday, I am fairly certain that several people got to see my plumber’s crack but I didn’t care as much because for the first time this season… I had fat pants that were too big!


One more I swear! I just can’t help but show off that glorious inch gap!

Hope you have a fantastic day and that your fat pants stay fat pants!!


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