First Challenge

Hello to perhaps no one. I am writing today to tell you that I am on day one of my first challenge ever. Thanks to the lovely ladies in Momma Laughlin’s Fit Group I was able to connect with about 40 women to participate in a 90 day challenge called Bikini Body Mommy. The whole thing is based off of a woman who lost 100 pounds last year due to diet an exercise. She has since come out with a book and become a personal trainer.

This small group who accepted the challenge have vowed to follow the 90 day exercise plan and eat clean. Today, I did the first fit test. It was only 8 minutes and 8 exercises but holy crumb did it kick my butt!! I got super winded by the fourth and had to take a pause so my asthma didn’t kill me. The idea today was to measure where I am at the beginning and I will do it several more times throughout the program. Hopefully, I see improvement. Here are the crazy 8 exercises- done for 50 seconds a piece with a rest period in between of 10 seconds: speed squats (28), high knees (40ish), push ups(19), squat jumps(25), tricep dips(11), burpees(a measly 5), alternating lunges(20), elbow plank(20).

Another part of today’s assignment was to take my measurements and before pictures. At the end of July I would have been fine taking more before photos. I feel that anything I had gained this summer though I lost. I felt defeat the other day as I weighed myself (granted it was post big dinner) and found I had hit 197.8… once again the scale was headed in the wrong direction! I only felt disgust today when I took my new pics… and a bit of rage which I funneled into my workout. Here were the results:

WEIGHT:194 with BMI of 33 and body fat percent of 44- gross




Thighs: 26-27


Wish me luck on this challenge. I think I am going to need it.

On a side note- I am joining a local gym tomorrow and hope to get to visit a bit with a trainer. They also are trained in nutrition so it should be interesting to find out what they suggest to help with my PCOS. I was told this past weekend that cutting carbs drastically could help me. As a lover of all things carbs I hope this is isn’t too extreme.

Hope your journey is going well!


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