Best Workout Gear… so far

I swear that I am not getting paid to promote these products… it is just that this girl has a love of target and affordable gear! Being big chested, however, makes finding such gear a bit more impossible. That is until I moved near a Target and found this stuff!

1) C9Champion Racerback Sportsbra-

I am a girl who has been genetically gifted a substantial amount up top. In high school, I hated the locker room for many reasons. One of plethora of reasons was because my big chest and broad ribcage did not fit well in most of the cute sports bras that my fellow flat chested classmates could wear. They were big. thick, uncomfortable, and ugly. The older mean girls would occasionally point these traits out. Coming from a lower income family I could only dream about the cute sports bras that might fit me.

Thank God that the tearful and self conscious prayers I made as a middle schooler were answered! I found these at Target last year when they happened to be on sale. I bought two at first but have slowly worked my way up- replacing all the weak and awkward fitting bras that I had bought. My boobs thanked me greatly. The support in these are amazing and they don’t feel like they are crushing them to death either.  They have a variety of colors and designs. My favorite however are the seamless ones pictured above. I feel supported and cute when working out- well as cute as a sweating mess can be of course :) At target they are about 14 bucks a pop but you can catch them on sale about once a month for 10.. well worth it ladies!!

2) Champion Shorts with Compression    

Champion Shorts- picture taken from

If you are anything like me, then God has gifted you with a bit heavier thighs. Running can be a literal pain! I always hated running (still do for that matter) and wanted to cry in high school as we were made to run laps in the gym on alternate Fridays. I won’t lie- I played hooky just for that gym period more than once. The embarrassment of running in front of everyone and awful chaffing on my legs made me miserable. Oh if I only knew then what I do now. These shorts are a thigh saver! I wasn’t worried about the burns that always happened on my legs and I wasn’t always picking out a grundy from shorts riding too high.

I was able to snag these on clearance at the end of the season last year. My only regret is that I didn’t purchase more. I am hoping that as the weather warms back up I can get a few more pairs for my walk/jogs. I will be feeling cool as a cucumber too because these puppies really breathe!



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