The Cleanse

Well here I am again. It seems that I have finally gotten a moment of quiet to update this beast! Who knew that a new job and moving to a new house could be so demanding? I’m not complaining because both are major blessings- I just am acknowledging that my wide open calendar is non existent now.

I did my best to stay on point during the move itself but the new job has tempted me in big ways. Due to his parents request, my charge finds himself getting happy meals at least once a week after hanging out at baby gym. I went from never being around fast food to it being every Friday. Now, the actual fast food has never really been tempting and being g-free doesn’t give me much to work with but I used to always turn to a good ol’ milkshake in high school. Since Jax always has his sippy cup it was too easy for me to just order the small shake. Let me tell you though- one shake a week for the past two months is enough to make you feel gross. Between that and the convenience foods often found when moving- I found myself back at 195ish range. I sighed when I saw it and new it was time to get my act back together.

Thanks to Nate, I got a new iPod to help me in my quest to stay on track with my weightless and blogging goals. I have had it a mere week but have already found some neat apps. I’m sure I will share more on them later.

Today I started the advocare 10 day cleanse. I had heard about it when student teaching but thought it was a scam at the time. It then popped up a ton on the blogs I read so I ordered it back in October to try. Right before I was going to start it I got a positive result on pregnancy test. We were excited since we had been told we would never have children. I read it shouldn’t be used during pregnancy so I didn’t start. However, after two weeks of waiting to go in to the dr we discovered that it was a false negative. I could have done the cleanse then but thought it futile with Christmas around the corner. It seemed like every time I went to try it… I got sick or we had crazy stuff happen. I decided yesterday that enough was enough. I had already bought a weeks of clean food and had been using my fitness pal to log my food. So I pulled out the box and started this experiment this morning.

Today I weighed myself and found that I am at least close to what I weighed before the move (191). I’m hopeful to hit the 189 mark by the end of these 10 days!




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