Menu for Week of Feb. 9th

Hello Everyone!

I have been super busy the past two days! I just started a job as a nanny for a very energetic one year old! Boy, does this little man keep me on my toes. I was plumb tuckered out last night- which was just fine for meal prep because I had thought a head and had a slow cooker going all day. I LOVE that appliance for when I am out and about all day. I am hoping to expand my repertoire of gluten free/low carb choices though.

Remember, I am working on a carb cleanse the next two weeks… so you won’t be seeing some of the usual suspects such as rice or quinoa on here.

For Breakfasts this week we have:

  1. Eggs- poached or scrambled or over medium. I always try to add some sort of veggie to it… for example, today I put in mushrooms and tomato. Also, being from the great dairy state of Wisconsin, I had to put sharp cheese in. Can’t help it.. it is in my blood!
  2. Grain free super cinnamon ‘oatmeal’ that I made this past weekend. I found the recipe on one of my new favorite blogs Low Carb One Day.  This ‘oatmeal’ is actually made out of chia and flax seeds. The cinnamon and coconut flakes add a delicious sweetness to it! I can’t wait to try it in the morning. I found a vast number of egg free breakfast options on Karen’s Low Carb One Day blog and am excited to be able to mix it up!
  3. Finally, I am making up this recipe from All Day I Dream About Food. Low Carb Chocolate Hazelnut Granola- At first I couldn’t believe my eyes when I saw the chocolatey hazelnut goodness and the name. There is no way that this can be ok for you! Guess what, the ‘sugar’ in it doesn’t raise your blood sugars and cause the icky highs and lows! I haven’t tried it yet but I imagine that it is going to be hard to put down once I start.
  4. Apple Chicken Sausages with eggs are planned for brunch this weekend. We had tried a form of these a few months ago and Nathan fell in love. The only thing was that they were $5 a pack! We are cheap… we normally don’t pay a ton for extras. We had a coupon for the new Johnsonville ones, and I couldn’t find anything that contained wheat on the package. I guess we will have to eat them and see what happens.

For Lunches this week we have:

  1. Lots and lots of left overs from dinners
  2. chicken cobb salad

For snacks:

  1. celery and peanut butter- not going to lie… I ate a ton of peanut butter yesterday. I don’t know if it was because I was babysitting and on the go more than usual or just not starting the day with carbs, but I was starving! I brought only my lunch and two snacks for work, yet I was famished by 2pm. It took all I had to not just eat the whole mini container of pb that I brought with while the little one was down for his nap. It was a triumphant yet sad moment when I said no and packed it away.
  2. Broccoli
  3. Sugar Free yogurt- I am not sure why it says to limit dairy products but cheese and sugar free yogurts are ok.. I took it anyway since I knew I would want something sweet at some point
  4. Sugar free jello- usually I am not a jello person.. something about the texture and the fact that it is basically food coloring. I decided to give this old nemesis a go again.. still haven’t touched the stuff I bought though.
  5. almonds and pistachios
  6. string cheese

For Dinners (this is the part you have all been waiting for!):

  1. Sunday night we had stir fry, brown rice (this was my last day with it.. I wasn’t going to go out without a bang) and I made up some filling for Asian chicken lettuce wraps.  The recipe was pretty good so I will have to see about getting it on here. I thenk took the chicken as lunch for Monday.
  2. Monday- was slow cooked beef tip chili- awe-some!!
  3. Tuesday – Roasted Chicken and eggplant and zucchini with mozzarella
  4. Wednesday- chicken and lentils in the slow cooker with roasted asparagus
  5. Thursday- Baked Spiced Tilapia with Green Beans
  6. Friday-Happy Valentine’s Day!! We are celebrating with Shrimp Scampi with zucchini noodles and stuffed mushrooms. We are having a mocha ricotta creme for dessert. I plan on posting the recipes for this by Wednesday night!
  7. Saturday- Slow cooked Beef Roast with ‘mashed potatoes’ (read cauliflower)
  8. Sunday- Mediterranean Chicken and Spinach Bake

Hope you all are having a fantastic week!