Wrecked Knees and Taste Guru

Have you ever vowed to work out the next day and then woken up sick… or injured? That is just what happened to me today. I had injured my back slipping on the ice two weeks ago. I finally felt better and was planning on working out today. Then I woke up today… completely unable to bend my right knee. A few years ago I had wrecked it bad when I slipped on some water at school. My roommate was going to school for physical therapy. She was fairly certain that I had torn something slightly. I was laid up for a few days but was able to eventually walk it off. Weather occasionally has made it angry in the past.

With the arctic cold that seems to plague my state currently my knee had been a little angry. It popped two days ago and hurt but then went away. This morning, however, my knee was throbbing something fierce.  Bending it is atrocious… so needless to say… zumba isn’t happening today.


YAY for wrap around ice packs!

In other news, I received my first Taste Guru Box.  This mail service is something that I suggest highly for anyone who is trying to go GF. I was appalled when I first started to look around for GF options. The price was outstanding and the nutritional value was not always better. In some cases it was worse! I found a Groupon for this service and ended up getting three months worth of boxes for $40. It was so worth it!


This box came with six products. As you can see, I opened the chocolate almond milk immediately.. it was frozen and so it was like slushy. As one who is lactose sensitive, I get my kicks with chocolate milk products when I can. The kettle corn is divine! I only took a handful though because it was super sweet. The Punjabi curry is something that I am intrigued to try. I may not be too familiar with curries but I did try Cooksimple’s cowboy chili a few weeks ago. It was fantastic!

As a recovering carb addict, I am excited to try the baguettes. I have seen them in the store but was afraid to spend the 5 dollars a loaf on them… just in case they were awful. This may be the start of something beautiful… then again.. I haven’t taken a look at the nutritional information. I will let you know how that turns out.

The BBQ sauce is much appreciated because I didn’t realize how in depth wheat and all its associates have infiltrated the food system. To know that I have a safe sauce to turn to if I don’t have time to make up my own is comforting. I may be trying to get into shape… but I am still human and BBQ on occasion is good 🙂

Finally, the oats. Many people are either all for or all against oats when it comes to gluten free eating. My current opinion is that as long as you are careful to get the gluten free ones… you are alright. I used to love eating the instant flavored oatmeal packs on cold winter days. I have since seen that this is not the healthiest option. Making them from scratch is the best but when you are in a jam it could be helpful to have something for on the go. In comes these:


Vigilant Eats, the producers of this product, have created these fun to-go cups. They come in crazy flavors that I would not have thought of. I may take these and borrow them for inspiration for my oatmeal later this winter. Flavors such as goji cacao, coconut maple vanilla, and espresso. Just be careful sending them in the mail. I was sad to find that mine had exploded all over the taste guru box. I was able to save about half of it… but the rest was lost… and later picked over by my cat that has an affinity for boxes.


Best Workout Gear… so far

I swear that I am not getting paid to promote these products… it is just that this girl has a love of target and affordable gear! Being big chested, however, makes finding such gear a bit more impossible. That is until I moved near a Target and found this stuff!

1) C9Champion Racerback Sportsbra-

I am a girl who has been genetically gifted a substantial amount up top. In high school, I hated the locker room for many reasons. One of plethora of reasons was because my big chest and broad ribcage did not fit well in most of the cute sports bras that my fellow flat chested classmates could wear. They were big. thick, uncomfortable, and ugly. The older mean girls would occasionally point these traits out. Coming from a lower income family I could only dream about the cute sports bras that might fit me.

Thank God that the tearful and self conscious prayers I made as a middle schooler were answered! I found these at Target last year when they happened to be on sale. I bought two at first but have slowly worked my way up- replacing all the weak and awkward fitting bras that I had bought. My boobs thanked me greatly. The support in these are amazing and they don’t feel like they are crushing them to death either.  They have a variety of colors and designs. My favorite however are the seamless ones pictured above. I feel supported and cute when working out- well as cute as a sweating mess can be of course :) At target they are about 14 bucks a pop but you can catch them on sale about once a month for 10.. well worth it ladies!!

2) Champion Shorts with Compression    

Champion Shorts- picture taken from Target.com

If you are anything like me, then God has gifted you with a bit heavier thighs. Running can be a literal pain! I always hated running (still do for that matter) and wanted to cry in high school as we were made to run laps in the gym on alternate Fridays. I won’t lie- I played hooky just for that gym period more than once. The embarrassment of running in front of everyone and awful chaffing on my legs made me miserable. Oh if I only knew then what I do now. These shorts are a thigh saver! I wasn’t worried about the burns that always happened on my legs and I wasn’t always picking out a grundy from shorts riding too high.

I was able to snag these on clearance at the end of the season last year. My only regret is that I didn’t purchase more. I am hoping that as the weather warms back up I can get a few more pairs for my walk/jogs. I will be feeling cool as a cucumber too because these puppies really breathe!


Tinkyada Gluten Free Pasta

When I decided to go gluten free I knew I couldn’t successfully start until after the holidays so I spent them enjoying every last morsel of the breads and sweets I would no longer be allowed. I did start switching over some things such as pasta back in December because I did not wish to set myself up to fail. In that process, I discovered an amazing brand of pasta whose flavor and texture was similar to the whole grain version I had become so accustom to.

Image taken from Luckyvitamin.com

Tinkyada Pasta Joy seriously has kept me a float. ( I promise this is not a sponsored post) It is a bit thicker and richer than the white pasta products but those who are desiring a gluten free alternative- I promise this is a good one. It is made out of brown rice and has a hearty texture. We tried several others that were a quarter or two less in price but were always disappointed. I will be sticking with this brand I feel for much of my journey! Their pasta products come in all shapes and sizes. I was lucky enough to find that they carry this pasta many places in my rural surroundings. The local Piggly Wiggly has it in its gluten free aisles but it is a bit pricier there than its counter parts at Walmart. I am hopeful that as we relocate to a town closer to a city I shall be able to find it for cheaper than 3 buck a pop.

Ode to Map My Run

Seriously. Where was I in my workouts without you?

Depending solely on my cars odometer to tell me how long my walks were.. and winging it when they went through undrivable conditions. Guessing at how many calories I burned and so taking chances with the foods I was putting in. Time and Time again I said to myself “Well, I did Zumba for the whole workout.. I can have that *insert sweets here*.”

You log more than running: my walks, bike rides, swimming, and all my other routines. Where else also counts my calories burned by cleaning or a good ol’ romp with DH? Thank you for rocking my socks!

Food journaling is way easier too! I enter it in and you do the breakdowns for me- how many calories I have eaten, how many I have left in my budget, my proteins, carbs, and fiber all accounted for. How can it get any better?

Thanks for being awesome and user friendly. Keep up the good work!