Something Exciting

Afternoon readers!

I have been trying to follow a gluten free diet for about three weeks now. I discovered at the beginning of the week that some of the sauces and such that I use in cooking were not gluten free. It was hidden in the products through the use of aliases. Upon this discovery I cleaned out the cupboards. I was appalled to find that I had two bags worth of groceries that I somehow missed upon my first cleaning binge! The local food pantry was quite pleased with the purge though.

In addition to the extra cleaning, I have been trying to radically reduce the number of carbs I have been eating. I think this should make it easier and cheaper to be gluten free. If I fill up mostly on low carb items, I won’t be as tempted to be buying and consuming and entire $5 loaf of GF french bread. Plus, I just read that some of the starches and flours used in gluten free items can increase your blood sugar more than 5 tablespoons of table sugar!! WOWZA!

As someone with PCOS, I am supposed to be careful with sugars anyway. This syndrome puts me at a significantly increased risk of diabetes. A majority of my family over 30 has type II. I have seen the destruction it can leave in its wake, especially if it is not cared for. It doesn’t just hurt the patient.. it hurts the family. I have no intention of letting myself get to that point… it may be futile but I am going to fight it; even if it means given up on many carbs.

I am only about a week into this semi-restriction on carbs but I figured I would weigh myself and see if it made any difference. Last Friday, I weighed in at 194.4. This has essentially been my average since about June. I believe I described in my bio that I had put on 20 lbs in a matter of 8 weeks after starting to work as a teacher- mostly from stress because I had cut back on eating! I then couldn’t lose the weight no matter what I did. I always fluctuated between 191 (May-ish to early July)-197 (on occassion- like after weekends away with family). The lowest number I have seen since this summer was 193.

Then this morning happened:

Sorry about the blur line.. I realized after I uploaded it that you could see the reflection of my undies. Modest is hottest people!

Sorry about the blur line.. I realized after I uploaded it that you could see the reflection of my undies. Modest is hottest people!

There are little words right now to describe the sense of excitement that I feel right now. I have not seen numbers this low since I think July. After working my tail end off I may have finally found something that could be key to my search for getting healthy again!

Can you see the joy behind the sleep crusted eyes?

Can you see the joy behind the sleep crusted eyes?

I hope your day is going as well as mine is!



Fat Pants

Have you ever had that pair of pants that makes you think “Well as long as I don’t fill these out I will be ok?” For the past 6 summers I have had these shorts that I always think this with. I got them back in the summer of 2007 right before I was headed out to VA for college. ¬†They were size a size 17 JR. I was on a budget, they were on sale, and though they never fit well (always too big) I thought it would be worth the 5 bucks. I mean I had belts to wear.

For the past 6 summers I have worn these shorts that were far too big and thought nothing of it. Then this spring I tried them on and was appalled. They barely zipped! I felt like a stuffed sausage. I remember bawling my eyes out in my walk in closet. What had I allowed to happen to myself? That was 4 weeks ago. I am now proud to show you my months work


I may not have lost all the weight I plan to but this is a big baby step! I am now fitting into the clothes that had become so tight. My fat pants are no longer my ‘too small’ pants. They have once again returned to their proper place in my closet. As I wore them yesterday, I am fairly certain that several people got to see my plumber’s crack but I didn’t care as much because for the first time this season… I had fat pants that were too big!


One more I swear! I just can’t help but show off that glorious inch gap!

Hope you have a fantastic day and that your fat pants stay fat pants!!