Reasons to Lose

I read once that making a list of all the reasons to do something could help with motivation. When one is struggling, one can return to that list to remind themselves of why it is worth it. As a compulsive list maker, I thought that it was a brilliant idea.

1) So that my life may truly be lived to its fullest

2) Nathan (Hubs) deserves it

3) I want to have children!! They are the greatest blessing!

4) If I am to have kids I want to be able to run around and play with them without getting winded after 5 minutes

5) My body is a temple and God has blessed me with it. Why shouldn’t I honor him with how I treat it?

6) To avoid the family curses of diabetes, heart disease, liver failure, etc. I know it may not totally stop it but I can go down fighting to prevent it!

7) To be able to accomplish dreams that I have never been able to do before because of my health setbacks: go rock climbing, run a half marathon, kayak and camp in the Boundary Waters, etc.

8) To potentially heal my body of PCOS and all its negative affects: problems with weight and the numerous cysts that tend to burst and cause pain.

9) For me!!


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